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Manufacturing Camp Grants


Manufacturing Camp Grant Awards

Since 2003, FMA’s foundation, Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs, has awarded grants annually to trade schools and community or technical colleges capable of hosting a summer camp program for girls and/or boys ages 12-16. Summer camps have been a successful way of introducing middle- and high-school students to the fascinating, high-tech career choices available to them in today’s automated manufacturing industry.

The following tiered grant-award structure applies:

  • First-year award: $2500
  • Second-year award: $1500
  • Third-year award: $ 1000

Previous NBT grant award winners FROM ANY YEAR will be grandfathered in at the second-year award level. After a third-year award is received, applicants will be eligible to receive program support materials only.

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To apply, schools must:

  • Currently offer a manufacturing curricula certificate or degree program (i.e., any industrial technology program that prepares students for careers in a manufacturing environment )
  • Currently offer or be capable of offering courses relevant to business entrepreneurship.
  • Submit an online application

General Program Guidelines for Grant Winners

  • Utilize NBT branded curricula and marketing materials (to be provided by NBT).
  • Promote NBT on the college website (logos to be provided).
  • Charge a minimum $59 camp tuition fee per student.
  • Include the design and manufacturing of a hands-on, take-home project.
  • Include guest speakers from the local manufacturing industry.
  • Include tours of local manufacturing operations.
  • Administer NBT pre- and post-online surveys to camp participants.
  • Submit to NBT all requested pre- and post-award materials by the established due dates (i.e., grant acceptance, marketing data, photo release, final evaluation, and financial data forms) or risk forfeiting the award.

Applications may be submitted at any time of year. Application review and grant award decisions will take place annually in November/December. The 2015 grant deadline is November 15, 2014.