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One solution to the skills labor shortage is to introduce more students to the technology and mechanics behind manufacturing operations.

The NBT summer manufacturing camp program does exactly that. Those who have been involved with camps can testify to the impact – more businesses in their communities thrive due to the interest of the younger population.

There’s a lot that goes on in a whole week at summer camp! By creating hands-on, take-home projects, students discover their creativity and passion that otherwise could remain untapped. The problem-solving and knowledge that kids gain at camp opens a whole world of promising and meaningful career paths. Entrepreneurship is explored and local companies open their doors as students tour the nearby facilities.

How can your donation help? Every year, NBT uses donations to award grants to technical schools and community colleges to host week-long summer camps. Grants are awarded for three years in amounts from $2500-$1000. More donations mean more summer camps for students ages 12-16. NBT awarded 38 camp grants in 2016 and would like to surpass that number in 2017!

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The #Give2NBT campaign, happening online now until the end of the year, allows you to donate directly to the summer camp grant program. Support an existing team who is raising money for the cause, or create your own fundraising team. The overall goal is to raise $5,000 that will add two additional camp grants in 2017. The team who raises the most donations (over $2500) will become a 2017 camp sponsor and be featured on the t-shirt provided to students who attend that camp. PLUS—follow NBT on Twitter and Facebook for additional contests and prizes!

Share, tweet, post, email, and talk about how important it is to show our younger generation the exciting advances in manufacturing. Teams can represent a group of people or a company.

NBT MFG Summer Camp Kids

Camp directors see the impact of summer camps:

“We saw some “light bulb” moments as students saw their designs and projects come to life. The students who reverse engineered a Nerf Blaster didn’t want to go home at the end of the day! We hope that these experiences have planted a seed and given the students the desire to build things.”
— North Alabama Community College, Mike Kennamer

“Students and parents were pleasantly surprised at how much manufacturing has changed over the years, nothing but positive comments all week. The parents were amazed by the activities and take-home items. Children really enjoyed the camp and they were so thankful for this opportunity.”
— Itawamba Community College, Gina Black

“Students loved the 3D CAD section of the course. I had more trouble dragging them away from that than from welding.”
— White Mountains Community College, John Holt

“It’s always exciting when you work with students and watch them learn to look at things differently.  Seeing how a concept goes from an idea to product and watching the students figure it out on their own is awesome. The kid who wants to 3D print French fries with ketchup in the center is impressive. The student who designs a skateboard with solar panels that generate power to a USB that charges his cell phone is inspiring. Students who attend this academy always walk away with new skills and a true sense of accomplishment.”
— Ranken Technical College, Barbara Bragg

NBT MFG Summer Camp Girls

Students love the experience:

“Besides using a table saw for the first time and building my awesome bookshelf, I got to go to the Mars chocolate plant. I listened to different women talk about their careers, and learned that a woman can do whatever she sets her mind to. What else could I have wanted from this program?”

“I think it could help me in the future of my career. I enjoyed 3D sculpting on the computer. Also I liked the uploading of the 3D sculptures into the machine. I learned how to load and unload the 3D printer more in depth. I learned how to draw the design I wanted to print. What I plan on doing in life is to be an engineer, and this camp will help with that.  Thank you all at RCBI for running this camp and putting up with all of us.”

NBT MFG Summer Camp Kids

And parents agree: 

“The projects were really impressive! My son loved using the CNC machine and being able to make a program for it was all new to him. He put the stool in his room, gave the magnet to his brother-in-law for his new apartment, and gave the 3D printed tag to his brother for his backpack. Very proud of all the projects he made. Thank you for making the class such a wonderful experience!”

“My son absolutely loved his experience! Thank you for all your hard work to bring such valuable programming, staff, and facilities, to allow this type of hands-on modern-day technical learning to happen.”

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